What’s wrong? He just my past and he will never going to be my future. Remember him just makes me weak by and by. No, I don’t want to forget everything about him. I just need to moving on, and let everything about him become a sweetest memory I ever had. nurulazizah25.tumblr.com (via nurulaisnaeni)
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You may not need me now and think “Hell yeah i deserve better” but one day when you meet a girl and she will treat you like crap you will remember me and say “Why did i let her go when i had all the chances to take her back”
Regret is what you will get. (via bitchamos)
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June 22: Video of Justin meeting fans in Los Angeles

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May 17: Video of Justin in Cannes, France last night

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luckygrey: Bieber loves Mummy… #amfar #goodboy #justinbieber #whiteisthenewblack #11millionfordamienhirst @simondepury

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Be humble, for you are made of earth.

Be noble, for you are made of stars.

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